Knights of Columbus Hall
February 8th, 2020

Registration Deadline is 01/20/2020. Please Complete Our Registration Survey Below:

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Online Registration – Chili Cook-off Challenge

(Make checks payable to: The Haiti Library Foundation)

Call or Text: 765-744-8864
E-mail: rainscapesinc@aol.com

Dear Fellow Chili Heads,

Welcome to this year’s Chili Cook-off Challenge. For those teams returning for this year’s event, welcome back. We are happy to have you back. For those newcomers; welcome. We appreciate you accepting the challenge of this competition. The Chili Cook-off is intended to be a fun time where you can show off your culinary skills, while raising some money for charity.

This packet includes all the information needed for this year’s challenge (Awards, Schedule, Rules, Registration, etc…) Please review them closely.


Registration Deadline is    01/20/2020

It isn’t necessary that I receive your information on the provided forms. You can simply include all of your information in an email if that is easier. 

Contact me with any questions that you might have.


Again, thank you for your participation.


Mike Clohessy

Cell phone & text      765-744-8864                       E-mail :   rainscapesinc@aol.com

Saturday February 8th, 2020

Schedule of Events:

3:00                Knights of Columbus Hall opens for team set up

4:45                Chili must be ready to serve. Final Instructions to Teams

5:00-8:00       “Let the Competition Begin” (Doors open to the public.)

5:00-8:00       Judging                    

7:00                “Best Table Theme and Presentation” awarded.

7:30                “Best Traditional Chili” awarded.

                        “Best Non-Traditional Chili” awarded.

7:45                “The Rookie” Award

8:00                “People’s Choice” awarded.

8:00                “Top Fundraising Team” awarded.


2020 Chili Cook-Off – Awards Categories



  • Best Traditional Chili               Selected by Expert Panel of Judges
  • Traditional Chili is defined as any kind of meat or combination of meats, cooked with beans, peppers, spices and other ingredients. This excludes PASTA, and RICE which are forbidden.
  • Best Non-Traditional Chili Selected by Expert Panel of Judges
  • Any other type of chili not meeting the definition of “Traditional Chili”. Non-Traditional Chili can be with or without meat. It may also include other ingredients such as pasta and rice.
  • People’s Choice                                   Determined By Popular Vote
  • Each attendee will be provided a ballot to cast their vote for their favorite chili.
  • Outstanding Table Theme & Presentation Panel of Judges
  • The judging is based on the correlation between your chili and/or the chili competition & the decorations. Tables will be judged on: Theme/Subject; Originality; Attractiveness/Appearance; Team Participation/Enthusiasm. Tables will not be judged against each other but based on individual merit.
  • Top Fundraising Team Determined by YOU& YOUR FRIENDS!
  • The team that raises the most money wins! There are three simple ways to raise money:
    • Tip Jars. Each table will be provided a tip jar (you may also create your own tip jar to better fit in with your theme and decoration.)
    • General Admission Ticket Sales. Your team is encouraged to tickets in advance. The more tickets you sell, the more money you raise. Plus the more friends you have coming to vote for the People’s Choice.
    • Sell “Friends of the Chef” preview party tickets. Each team is asked to sell tickets for this event. Each ‘”Friend of the Chef” ticket also comes with a second People’s Choice Ballot. You can do what you want with your tickets; buy them yourself and give them away, sell them, or return them.
  • The “Rookie” (Based upon participation.)
    • We recognize entering a competition of this magnitude can be a daunting task. That is why we have created “The Rookie” award. Any team that has one year or less experience in our event is eligible for this award.

 2020 Chili Cook-Off – Official Rules & Information



  • Team entry fee is $20.00. Make checks payable to The Haiti Library Foundation. NO REGISTRATION FEE THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!
  • Each team is limited to 3 members.
  • Each team will be provided with a table, black linen tablecloth, and a power source.
  • At check-in of event, the head chef will have to indicate what category his/her chili will be entered in (“Traditional” or “Non-Traditional”. See Awards Categories for further details.)
  • Teams will have limited access to the kitchen sink.
  • All sample cups and judging cups will be provided.
  • Cooking may occur prior to arriving at event. You are allowed to do all of the cooking off-site.
  • The kitchen has a commercial warming oven. Each team will be allowed to store one pot in the oven, if desired. (Oven temperature will be approx. 180 degrees.) No other use of Knights of Columbus ovens/stoves will be allowed.
  • Chefs should bring their own utensils, pots, oven mitts, etc…
  • Chefs must have a list of ingredients used at their table.
  • Chefs must have chili up to 165 degrees at start of event.
  • Chefs are responsible for providing 2 gallons of chili for the competition. (This should be the minimum amount. You don’t want to run out.)

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